Monday, October 27, 2014

Let's Fight Cancer!

 On November 1st, Kyle (Our great dane) Tzion,("T" is silent, the man-child) and myself will be doing a cancer walk.
We are teaming up with 2million dogs (Soon to be Puppy Up) to raise funds and awareness for cancer research in both humans and animals.
It is our first walk and fundraiser.

In the spring of 2010 my Nanny (grandma) was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer.
I watched as she slowly but bravely lost her battle. It was devastating to say goodbye to my person.  I was her name sake, her first granddaughter, and her partner in crime. When I went to stay with Nanny she taught me so much about love and God. She taught me how to paint my nails, curl my hair on my own and other young lady lessons. She taught me important details from holding up my pinky while we sipped tea to using manners at all times.
I miss her so much everyday. I hate that she is missing out on my family today. My son would have been her world. She had a way of making all of the grand kids (and great grand kids) feel like they were each her favorite.
 My walk is in honor of her and a friend of mine whom's husband I used to work for. Vicky's bravery with her battle is inspiring. I will be sending her much love and prayer as I walk that day.

Kyle will be representing his breed and other large breeds. Great Danes are prone to bone cancer.

Tzion won't be walking. He will be chillen in the stroller,  his presence will be representing all the childhood cancer fighters and survivors. Likely he will be greeting everyone he meets on our walk. "Hey Man," or "Hi, I am Tzion, this is Mommy, and that is my Kyle. How are you today?"

It is important to me to teach my son starting now to support the things we believes in.  I want him to learn to be proactive in fighting for others. It is with honor we join others in this walk.

 If you were going to do a cancer walk, who would it be for? 

If you're interested in donating to our walk, we are asking for $5.00 donations here.

If you have lost a loved one (family, friend or pet) to cancer please feel free to share their story in the comments. 

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