Thursday, November 13, 2014

Watch Where You're Going, Fool!

 Having a dog and boy brings about some great laughs.
This next short story is one of many I have had the joy of hysterically laughing at and witnessing.

Kyle (the dog) was standing in the hallway watching his boy play in his room with his "iPad" (it's actually a Nabi but, whatever).
Kyle knows he is not allowed in the bedrooms but, he enjoys laying in the middle of the hallway and being entertained by his boy's play time. Sometimes he likes to "army crawl" into Tzion's room just to be sneaky. It never works, I always catch him or Tzion gives him away with. "Mom! Kyle is disobeying again!" Only when he says "disobeying" it sounds more like "dissa-baying".
  I caught Kyle starting into a sneaky crawl and very calmly said "Kyle" he froze for a second, then quickly jumped up and turned around to look at me like. "Huh? What? Me?"
 I shook my head and then a funny thing happened.
Tzion heard my voice and dropped what he was doing --likely something he wasn't supposed to be doing and feared getting caught-- and without looking in front of him came running out to me. If Kyle had still been laying down facing him, Tzion would have just leaped over and nothing funny would have happened. I assume Tzion did not realize Kyle had stood up or turned around when I said his name.
See when Tzion took off without looking first, he ran his little three year old toddler face right into Kyle's fanny. We are talking nose to anus contact. He was in such a rush his head actually bounced off Kyle's rear end and he fell back onto his own rear. Kyle just turned his head to look at Tzion as if to ask "You okay little fella?" but, otherwise seemingly UN-phased by the intrusive collision.
My boy is a tough kid and has a quick wit. Especially for a kid who is only three.
 Before I could even react with a giggle he jumped up and said "Kyle, watch where you're going, fool!"

Maybe you have to have been there to understand but, I was tears laughing so hard.

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